During the 14th EFSM Congress in Belgrade, in which 200 residents were provided with free accomodation and registration, a free of charge course on Microsurgery was organized for the first time in the EFSM congresses to all participants who were registered. 

The course was held from 7h in the morning until 17h on 15 micropscopes from Greece thanks to Professor Panayotis N. Soucacos and Professor Alexandros Beris.71 participants, from 12 differents countries and 6 different branches of surgery completed the course. They were mainly residents from third and fourth year but also specialists. For 46 participants, it was their first experience with the microsurgical course.

Everyday, instructors from different countries were helping them to get their very basic hands on microsurgery in three sessions of course each day.

At the end of the course, certificates of accomplishment were distributed.

Below are the details of our colleagues who participated in the course:

Number Surname Name Country Specialisation Gender Year of specialisation Earlier attendance to the course
1 Glišović-Jovanović Ivana Serbia Specialist-Orthopedics female yes
2 Stanković Uroš Serbia Orthopedics male 2 no
3 Mohammadreza Emamhadi Iran Specialist-Neurosurgery male 2 yes
4 Nikolić Danilo Serbia Maxillofacial male 3 no
5 Bilanović Milan Serbia Specialist-Orthopedics male no
6 Mihajlović Nataša Serbia Plastic female 2 no
7 Mugabe Herbert Serbia volunteer male no
8 Romanescu Veronica Romania Plastic female 2 yes
9 Pesecan Alexandru Romania Plastic male 5 yes
10 Biris Sabina Romania Plastic female 4 yes
11 Brndušić Marina Serbia Orthopedics female 2 yes
12 Vieira Luis Portugal Plastic male 3 yes
13 Redža Tamara Serbia Plastic female 2 no
14 Ioncioaia Bogdan Romania Plastic male 2 yes
15 Franz-Joschka Dekker Romania Plastic male 2 no
16 Mares Anelise Romania Plastic female 1 no
17 Pupaza Cosmina Romania Plastic female 1 no
18 Al Khazaleu Diana Romania Plastic female 2 no
19 Radu Madalina Elena Romania Plastic female 2 no
20 Munteanu Ioana Romania Plastic female 3 no
21 Tecuceanu Angela Romania Plastic female 4 yes
22 Farid Mohammed UK Plastic male 1 yes
23 Tinu Sebastian Alexandru Romania Plastic male 5 yes
24 Kovačević Miloš Serbia Plastic male 4 no
25 Simeonov Nikola Bulgaria Hand Surgery male 1 no
26 Apostolu Elena Bulgaria Hand Surgery female 1 no
27 Marcheva Iliyana Bulgaria Hand Surgery female 2 no
28 Papanikos Efstratios Greece Orthopedics male 6 yes
29 Bavelou Aikaterini Greece Orthopedics female 4 no
30 Samaras Stavros UK Plastic male 4 yes
31 Nefjodov Vadim Latvia Plastic male 1 no
32 Kadić Vojin Montenegro Orthopedics male 4 no
33 Nišavić Darko Montenegro Orthopedics male 5 no
34 Šaranović Mitar Montenegro Orthopedics male 5 no
35 Fabian Gurau Romania Plastic male 5 yes
36 Petrean Daniela Romania Plastic male 2 no
37 Virag Timea Helga Romania
38 Damilidis Nikolaos Greece Orthopedics male yes
39 Pelinaru Adrian Romania Plastic male 3 yes
40 Janko Botona Romania
41 Alexandra Chivu Romania Plastic female 2 yes
42 Raluca Berheci Romania Plastic female 4 yes
43 Maeti Iordache Romania Plastic male 4 yes
44 Lita Flavia Romania Plastic female 2 no
45 Sandra Iordache Romania Plastic female 3 yes
46 Diaconescu Eliza Romania Plastic female 3 yes
47 Vancea Cristian Romania Plastic male 2 no
48 Giurgiu Rares Adrian Romania Plastic male 2 no
49 Ghiurco Ioana Romania Plastic male 3 no
50 Porosnicu Andrei Romania Plastic male 5 no
51 Neagu Tiberiu-Paul Romania Plastic male 5 yes
52 Kojić Nikola Serbia Plastic male 3 no
53 Grujić Jovan Serbia Neurosurgery male 2 no
54 Yafang Wu China Neurosurgery Female 1 no
55 Parthena Deskoulidi Greece Plastic male
56 Pantelis Diamantopoulos Greece Plastic female
57 Milovanović Darko Serbia Orthopedics male
58 Vučković Dragana serbia Orthopedics female
59 Petrović Aleksandra serbia Orthopedics female
60 Brašanac Danijela Montenegro Orthopedics female
61 Zagorac Slaviša serbia Orthopedics male
62 Lorenzi Caterina Italy Plastic female
63 Kuzmanović Čedomir serbia Maxillofacial male
64 Pencu Dragos Romania Plastic male
65 Miller Aline Romania Plastic female
66 Vesić Jovan serbia Orthopedics male
67 Vitalaru Roxana Romania Plastic female
68 Bubau Marina Romania Plastic female
69 Ionascu Ioana Romania Plastic female
70 Petrović-Popović Dragana serbia Plastic female
71 Spanopoulou Sofia Greece Plastic female


Early bird registration:
August 15, 2017

Abstract submission:
March 13, 2018

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